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By JavaScript, I mean the entire ecosystem including different runtimes, package managers and TypeScript.


Runtime Manager


More about runtimes.

My current favourite is Volta.

  • Installing global versions of Node and add global dependencies.
  • Pinning project versions of Node and Yarn to a project
    • The pinned version is stored package.json
    • Switching project directories automatically switches to the pinned runtime and package manager versions, which makes for a great experience 🚀

Most used commands

# Global
volta install node@lts
volta install <package>
volta list

# In projects
volta pin node@lts
volta pin yarn@latest
cat package.json

Package management

Tips and tricks for how to manage packages in practice.

I've been using Yarn. yarn is quick to type, plays well with other tools like Volta, and it has been progressively maintained over the years.

Update packagesyarn upgrade-interactive
Install a package globallyvolta install <package>
Note: (yarn global add never worked well across platforms)
Note: (outside of a project folder when using volta)
Linking a dependencyvolta install yalc
yalc publish (in dependency root)
yalc link (in project root)


Overview of JavaScript runtime landscape.

What are your thoughts?